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Planning appeals

Planning applications may be refused but this is not always the end of the road for your project. Local governments can make mistakes with their decisions and in these instances, it might be appropriate to appeal your decision. We can help in these instances and prepare an appeal which gives you the best possible chance of overturning an incorrect decision. In instances where local governments act unreasonably, we can potentially reclaim any costs that you have incurred as a result of their unreasonable actions.

Submission of planning applications

Having direct experience of determining applications within local government and preparing them for clients, we are well versed in what is required for submission of your planning application. We will look into local Policy to try and ensure that your application has the best possible chance of success and keep you informed at every step of the way.

Drafting of planning statements

Already have plans and an architect but need some expert help in drafting a planning statement? We’ve got you covered. We can draft and supply planning statements for all types of application.

Pre-application advice and policy assessments

Looking for advice on whether your project is policy compliant? In this case, people often submit a request to your local Planning Authority for Pre-application advice. There are instances where this approach is invaluable, however starting pressures at local authorities can impact the timescales and quality of the advice given. At Kernow Planning, we have first-hand experience of responding to these requests whilst working in local Planning Authorities. We can provide this service in full and often with drastically reduced timescales compared with the advice offered by Local Planning Authorities.

Planning enforcement advice and strategy

If your project is blocked by an ongoing enforcement case, it can be extremely stressful and costly. We have first hand experience of working within local government enforcement teams and have first-hand experience of dealing with these matters. We are aware of how cases are progressed and prioritised and, importantly the powers that the Local Government have at their disposal. This in-depth understanding can help us to guide you through the process and work towards best possible outcome for your particular situation.

Planning objections

Did you know, objections from neighbours are often disregarded and given little weight by Planning Authorities where they do not raise concerns on genuine planning issues. We can assist with objections to ensure that they are impactful and to ensure your objection is considered when Planning Authorities make their decisions.

Advice regarding permitted development

Permitted development can be confusing. People are often given conflicting advice and Local Planning Authorities can be non-responsive when you try to ask questions about whether or not your proposal can be granted consent under permitted development rights. We have a great understanding of the General Permitted Development Order and can give you swift and decisive advice on permitted development matters.

Certificates of lawful development

In some cases, development may have been completed years ago without planning permission. We can help to regularise this and prepare evidence to submit to your local Authority to help you obtain a certificate of lawful development. In other cases, it might be appropriate to confirm that certain developments, which do not require a full planning application, would be lawful. We can help to prepare these applications for a certificate, which can be produced to solicitors, banks and surveyors in the future to prove that the work you have undertaken is lawful.

Land and property appraisals

Are you thinking of buying property or land with a mind on developing it? We can provide expert advice on what may or may not be possible in your particular situation. This can ensure that you do not waste your precious time or money chasing a project that may never be viable from the outset.

Do I need planning queries

Sometimes just understanding whether or not you need planning consent can be confusing and the consequences of getting it wrong can lead to a planning compliance case. We can take away the stress of understanding whether or not you need to apply for planning permission and provide you with swift advice.

Section 73 applications to vary or remove conditions

Planning conditions can be difficult to deal with. On occasions, troublesome planning conditions can bring a project to a grinding halt. There are specific rules about planning conditions and if local Authorities do not use their conditions appropriately, you may be able to vary those conditions or potentially even have them removed altogether. We can help with this process and provide guidance on what may be possible, potentially unlocking your project.

Representation at Planning Committee meetings

If your project is to be determined at a planning committee meeting, it is important that your views are heard by the committee. This can often be a daunting prospect, as public speaking is a thing of nightmares for most people. We can provide services to represent you and ensure that your proposal is given due consideration by Planning Committee members, removing the stress from the process for you.


We can provide advice on any aspect of planning that may arise. If you have a question or query, please get in touch. All discussions are strictly confidential and will not be shared, unless it is required in law, for example within a planning application.


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